Board of Trustees and Staff

Board of Trustees

Julia Barugel, Chair
Susan Mazzeo, Secretary
Graceanne Talarico, Treasurer
Raymond Brush
Tiffaney Fisher
Isa Fowler
Eric Houghtaling
Tiffany Miller
Lori Murphy
Heidi Zaentz

Meet our Team

Ann Goldman

Executive Director

I taught literacy skills to teens with special needs in NJ, NY, and Manila while raising my own family. I have three great kids (young adults), two of whom are wonderful, successful, and generous individuals in spite of their mental health / learning challenges. I have always believed that it's our responsibility to support and empower others to live the fullest lives they can. FBSANJ's mission speaks directly to my heart.

Cinaida Anthony

Community Development Coordinator

In peer support, we truly help ourselves while helping others. Our personal experiences with our own children gives us the unique ability to understand the challenges families face on a daily basis. It's important for parents and caregivers to feel supported in their individual process--empowering families is the most rewarding part of the work that we do.

Maryann Antenucci

Assistant Director/Family Support Coordinator

A requirement for a high school theology class led me to a volunteer position as a teacher's assistant in a religious education program for young people with Intellectual/Developmental Differences---and a lifetime of service to others.  As a Special Education teacher in both public and private schools in New York and New Jersey, teaching toddlers, children and adolescents, as well as working with adults of all ages and abilities in New York City and Monmouth County, I've found great satisfaction not only in teaching, but in supporting the families of those individuals.  As a parent, I received love and support when needed. The best part of my job is having the ability to pay it forward and to say, "I've been there, too, and now I'm here for you."

Family Support Partners

Dawn Ellis

It's my belief system that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. Everyone has strengths and talents--they just need support in finding them. Giving of myself allows me to pay it forward and work with the unique differences within families.

Michelle Donofrio

I do this so no other caregiver feels like I did and no other child has a caregiver ignorant to a challenging system like my son did. I do this so that there are more caregivers who have a voice than there are that feel that they don't. I do this to validate feelings that myself and my family didn't suffer for nothing, that every hurdle has a purpose, and every victory is proof of that.

Jennifer Entwistle

As a mother, who has been through my own personal  journey with my family. Working with a "Family Support Partner" made me realize that I too could give back to others. FBSANJ has given me the opportunity to guide families through their individual process.

Martha Santiago

Mother of two fantastic sons and caring husband. After struggling with one of my son's major challenges I was paired up with FBS, which gave me the right support reinforcing my journey to education, advocacy and stabilization. Today, I give back to others like myself because I work for the same people that helped me.

Catalina Murcia

It is my pleasure to service the bi-lingual community and their unique challenges. I am enriched by the efforts of the families and the progress they make to improve the lives of their children

Administrative Assistants

Rennee Cooper

Working at FBSA has provided me with so much support in my own journey with my child. I like the opportunity I have to help parents when they call asking for help and information. Its very rewarding for me.

Youth Partnership

Shatiya Whitley

Youth Coach

I am dedicated to empowering youth and families. I enjoy providing a safe place where the youth can explore their strengths in a supportive and inclusive environment where they can be uniquely "themselves".

Manny Itzol

Assistant Youth Coach

I am a naturally positive person. It makes me happy to see the difference kindness can make in a kids life. I know things can be hard for them but I try to show them that there are always new opportunities around every corner.