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Peer Support Partner Robin

Hi Robin

I want to thank you for all your love, encouragement and support and all that you do for others, like me so giving of your time, heart and attention.

I have stories to share that hopefully help others in doubt.

The tax people were wonderful and, with coordinated efforts and lots of patience and learning...I had filed my taxes a t the Freehold mall location in April, at no charge.

Today, after my 4th visit to the Social Security office....thanks to your consistent encouragement to keep trying and not give up...it seems like things are coming together. SS has all they need, except the most recent tax return...that I'm mailing tomorrow...to review A's resources, part of the SSI application (medically he was approved). I have faith that we will get a green signal in 2-3 weeks.

I can never thank you enough though if there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate.

Peer Support Partner Dawn


My name is R. and I am a client of Dawn. I am so happy to say that she has made such a difference in my life as my FSA worker. Because of her absolute knowledge on different community programs I have been able to secure permanent housing for my family.

Dawn provided me with information that my DCPP worker wasn't even aware of. I have a new section 8 voucher through the KFT program.

I feel as though if it was not for Dawn's recommendation I would still be homeless. She has made such an impact on my life that my words of gratitude are barely enough to thank her for literally changing my life and improving the lives of my children and grandchildren.

Again, words can not express the magnitude of this situation enough!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And thank you to Dawn!!

Sincerely( w tears in my eyes),

Peer Support Partner Michelle

"Hi Maryann,

I would like to share with you about a parent that Michelle is seeing. The parent was uncertain if she wanted MCARES services. I spoke with a therapist from the child’s school and she informed me that the parent did not want to lose Michelle. The parent stated that Michelle knew exactly what she was going through and that she trusted her and had a great rapport with her.The mother agreed to MCARES services and I feel Michelle was responsible for her choice. Working with Michelle is pleasure because I know she is competent, knowledgeable and can support the parent due to her past challenges.

That is why I always ask for her!!


Peer Support Partner Robin

Dear Ann and Julia,

Today, I had the good fortune of working with Robyn Sebor, who was just assigned to a family that I have been working with as the In home therapist. The family had just moved from Ocean County to Monmouth and literally Robyn met the Mom of the youth for the first time today- right before an IEP meeting at a private school. I want to let you know that although I have been on the FSO board and met staff coming and going through events or at the office, I have never been able to actually work with them or be part of the actual Child Family Team with FSO until today and I want both of you and everyone to know how incredibly impressed I was by Robyn's knowledge, professionalism, advocacy, compassion and understanding that she showed today in this meeting. I learned things from her regarding IEP meetings and guidelines that schools have to follow that I was unaware of. She blew me away with her calm demeanor, but fierce advocacy for this Mom and family. I could tell beforehand, this meeting may become a little adversarial due to certain issues regarding IEP support and school assistance and I knew the Mom was beyond frustrated. And indeed it did escalate unfortunately. But I was proud to be sitting next to Robyn and see her in action. Any family would benefit from her expertise. This I say as a professional that has been in the field for over 20 years and work with kids and families daily.

As a Board Member and Treasurer, I couldn't be more proud of Ann and her team. They all go above and beyond for our youth and families. I am so grateful I got to witness Robyn in action today. As her advocacy was so important and needed for this Mom, the youth, and the escalating situation. She handled herself with such grace, but firmness and finesse. I wanted her to be recognized for her support, advocacy and for doing what she does so competently. What you all do at FSO really truly matters and is so important.

In closing, I just wanted to thank Robyn and thank Ann and all the FSO partners for the important job you all do helping our families. Thank you!

Peer Support Partner Michelle

Hey Maryann,

I just wanted to give Michelle a shout out!

She really connected with a mom who needed extra support. Michelle was able to make a call with this caregiver to receive the extra mental health support needed for success.
Michelle went above and beyond by being on the call with mom to take the first step towards treatment and even sent mom reminders to keep appointments.

Thank you so much Michelle for your hard work and dedication to our family!

Amanda G.
Care Manager at Monmouth Cares